Aged 56 years, President John Magufuli dubbed the “Bulldozer”, former professor of chemistry had been appointed last November president of Tanzania. This former Minister of Public Works, from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Was elected to 58% of the vote. For several months now, the “bulldozer” cleans everything on its Path in the proper sense as figurative. Already in the aftermath of his inauguration, he walked to the Ministry of Finance and The central Hospital of Dar es Salaam after seeing drastically melt the costs of its Inauguration ceremony from 100 000 dollars to 7 000 dollars (92 000 euros to 6 460 euros). As if that were not enough, this “machine” gave the example, mingling with the Population, shovel by hand to rid the capital Dar es Salaam, rubbish and garbage. The same awareness and cleaning campaign was imposed by the Head of State in lieu and due form of the annual festivities of independence, the aim First being to save money for the fight against cholera. John Magufuli also stepped up his action plan to fight public waste. “The president wants to avoid the waste of public money and to reverse these savings In key sectors such as health, education or infrastructure, “said Gerson Msigwa, director of communication of the Presidency of Tanzania indeed, he Limited the travel of Ministers abroad also prohibiting the Use of plane tickets or first class guests. More recently, the “bulldozer” is tackling a much more thorny subject: that of Corruption and tax evasion. His first victim was Rished Baden, the Commissioner General of the Tanzanian tax authorities (TRA) thanked following a tax evasion Concerning 350 containers for which the port authorities had not received the taxes. This Diversion still represents a loss of 80 billion shillings Tanzanians (about 34.5 million euros) for the Tanzanian state. But the most striking fact is paradoxically the sacking of Edward Hoseah, chief Of the anti-corruption agency for lack of efficiency. “The president has today risen Edward Hoseah is the Director general of the Office of Prevention and The fight against Corruption (PCCB), said the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Ochich Sefue. John Mahufuri Surely has not finished talking about him on the part of the integrity measures and Good governance. In an Africa that wants to be emerging, let us hope that the leaders Policies will spread to follow this perfect example.


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