“Our main goal is to help change the way Cameroonians and Cameroonians are perceived through the daily media, making it more and more appealing to visit.” “

-Hello, can you present to the public?

My name is Junior Chavez, aka #camairdroneboy. I am the founder of B Tv Media, which is a photography and videography company specializing in aerial photography.

-What types of services do you offer to the public?

Our main areas are tourism and events. We use a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with adaptable cameras to provide accurate high resolution images and videos tailored to the individual needs of our customers. I lead a team of young Cameroonian photographers who produce highly specialized local media for various clients, including construction projects.

-Do you have partners? Who have you worked with so far?

I decided to submit my project to different ministries (culture, sport, tourism, etc.) and I was confronted with corruption: far from discouraging me, I turned to CRTV by writing a letter to the CEO, without answer. At the moment, I am basically self-financed, but from time to time, Cameroonians from abroad send me funds to go out and slaughter their village and/or neighbourhood. Our services have been operated by clients from different backgrounds; EDC Lompangar and FEICOM, independent filmmaker Jean-Pierre Barreras and the rising star of urban music Jovi, among others.

-we can see that all over the world, young Africans are increasingly innovative and enterprising, what would you say to bring to the table? What is your vision?

My vision is to show how I see Cameroon and to give an overview of the future of the use of aerial imagery to highlight the progress made in our country.
We want to show our people and the world that we can attract tourism by showing the beautiful landscapes of Cameroon from the sky. My team and I are actually pioneers in this field in Cameroon.

-What is your main objective?

Our main goal is to help change the way Cameroonians and Cameroonians are perceived through the daily media, making it an increasingly appealing attraction. I am currently looking for ways to finance my travels so that I can bring the images and views that people want to see while recording our history as the country evolves.

-Thank you for following us.


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