Young political Leader

At 38 years old, Cabral Sankara was the youngest candidate for the Cameroonian presidential election on 7 October

Cabral Sankara is one of the great favorites of the Cameroonian presidential and the youngest of the candidates selected by the Cameroonian Elecam which is to be held on 7 October next.

His journey in brief:

  • Associative

Cabral Sankara has been a member of associations for many years to the point of becoming at the University of Yaoundé II

Head of student coordination.

  • Macronist

This thirties candidate for the presidency is obviously compared to the French head of state Emmanuel Macron and benefits.

In his library, several books concern the French President: “The ambiguous Mr. Macron”, “Emmanuel Macron, “Revolution”, book Program and “Macron by Macron”.
Good luck to this young leader.

Leadership: The 35 youth who are moving the francophone space in 2018 are known

A prestigious award ceremony will take place on 09 November 2018 in Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire, bringing together decision-makers from the francophone world to unveil the Super prize of the Young Francophone of the Year and to award a trophy to each laureate.

* It will be followed on November 10 of another event “Inspiration Francophone” where several winners will come to talk about their courses and their achievements with the general public.



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