At the invitation of the Moroccan authorities, I was invited to participate in Dakhla from March 15 to 21, 2018, at the Crans Montana Forum.

The forum dedicated to Africa is at its 30th edition and the 4th on the continent. It brought together the world’s Gotha of politics, economics, finance and activism on the theme: “Towards a new 21st century Africa: stability, social cohesion and solidarity for a sustainable.” After the poignant message of His Highness King Mohamed VI addressed to the participants, the foundation will be focused on topics related to the challenges of our continent. These include regional cooperation, public health, agriculture,… On the menu also, two subjects that your humble servant has always defended: the question of the participation of young people in the economic and political spheres, and the key role of youth.

In the development of emerging societies. It is on this specific and topical theme that I have developed my vision and the mechanisms by which emerging societies could open up to younger generations.

The Crans Montana Forum is a Swiss non-governmental international organization whose outreach and prestige have been established worldwide since 1986. Its oldest Forums are held annually in Crans-Montana (CH-VS) and Geneva (CH-GE). It is recognized and works with all major international organizations, Governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations. Finally, I advise all young people to apply for the recruitment sessions of the New Leader of Tomorrow 2018. It is a real human adventure, a high quality learning that awaits you.

My friends CY.

Initiator of #50Afriques



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