We are approaching more and of the fateful date J-5, we are approaching more and more of the fateful date before our #mediasafrotalk… It will happen Saturday at the one hundred and eight-bookshop Café Restaurant with Régis Mutombo Kalra, responsible… Continue Reading

Nollywood Netflix The global streaming giant has bought the world film rights Lionheart Nollywood Netflix, the global streaming giant bought the world film rights Lionheart for 3 million million. Netflix had already purchased licenses of some Nollywood films, such as… Continue Reading

Arthur Zang 29 years millionaire in Euro thanks to his invention, the “Cardiopad” Do you know Arthur Zang? This young Cameroonian engineer of 29 years who revolutionized the Cameroonian medicine by adapting it comfortably to this new era of digital.… Continue Reading

Launch in Kigali of the Electronic World Trade Platform (EWTP) by Paul Kagame and Jack Ma “Regional integration in Africa has taken a major step forward with the adoption of the Continental free Trade Area and the protocol of free… Continue Reading